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Alternative Dispute Resolution

People are often reluctant to seek legal advice to resolve a dispute because they fear the expense and time involved in pursuing Litigation. There are other conflict resolution options besides going to court, which is generally an expensive and time consuming process. Alternative Dispute Resolution is both time saving and financially beneficial for our clients. Two such methods we offer are Mediation and Arbitration.

People from Las Vegas, NV and Glendale, CA, come to the law firm of Aisen, Gill & Associates LLP when they need advice or representation from experienced legal professionals. Our primary goal is to provide you with the care, attention and legal strategies that will help achieve your goals and provide you with the best possible outcome.

Mediation and Arbitration Services: Aisen, Gill & Associates LLP

Our firm is known for working diligently on behalf of our clients. If Alternative Dispute Resolution is determined to be the best way to resolve your disputes quickly, we know how to make it work for you. Attorneys at Aisen, Gill & Associates have helped our clients work through even the most complex legal matters using these techniques.

Mediation and Arbitration services differ, but both allow you and other parties to meet in a less formal manner. We are there to help make this process easy for all to understand and to work with everyone to achieve satisfactory dispute resolution.

  • Mediation – When you resolve disputes through Mediation, all parties meet with our attorney informally at an agreed upon location. We help both sides discuss the issues, but the parties involved make the decisions. This approach can help reduce the animosity and anger that often clouds issues, preventing resolution between opposing parties. We act as a guide and neutral third party to help achieve dispute resolution.
  • Arbitration – Many of our clients benefit from Arbitration, because the results generally occur faster and are less expensive to the opposition. In this process, our attorney will direct the flow of the meeting. The process replaces a trial and a decision by our Arbiter can be final and enforceable, as if it were a court decision.

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